Understanding the nature of reality and the shift of the 7 gifts and how they effect us…

My friend Jason Estes wrote:

“So first its important to explain that there are 64 circuits that make up reality each circuit has 11 layers+2, for now lets focus on the 11 layers and leave the +2 for sometime much later to dicsuss

So these 11 layers are subject to the law of expansion which states every 3 hours 5% expansion is made, thus in essence filling each layer with 5% more stuff to learn and work on. one of the main reasons these gifts are truly GIFTS is because while they do show us a lot of stuff to heal and clear they also assist us to handle these extreme highlights and over time eventually overcome them and the law of expansion itself. so how do the gifts effect us? by adding 25% light per day to each layer starting at 1 and moving up, so it takes roughly 4 days per layer and 44 days per circuit, i know this is complicated stuff as its called an Advanced Principal so i’m doing my best to explain it in a way all can understand and hopefully this at least explains why it seems to get stronger and show deeper wounds every few days. the last thing i really want to share is that the lower circuits are based on matter, which is where most of trauma is stored and all trauma is, is a misunderstanding on an experience based on not having all the facts and a lower prospective. this being said trauma is very real until its released so the first 32 circuits can be very hard to over come for some, the good news is as we go up we also get closer to a new gift which helps us handle more, so by the time we reach the 32nd circuit we will have unlocked all 7 gifts and begun to heal the immortal i am, the whole world will have changed and we will be working towards ONE world for the first time since Lemuria, depending on when you were born you had a certain amount of circuits active so everyone will feel the effects of the gifts very differently but together we can heal through this and become who we were always meant to be. one quick side note is the earth also has 64 circuits and she is also healing them so purges will be common in the process but the extremes of them are being assisted by 111 teams world wide and much of the purges will not directly effect humanity. some of them are unavoidable and need to come to pass and the teams will do their best to make it as gentle as possible, know you are safe and as long as you remain within your own personal ethics and expand on them and yourself daily you will have advanced warnings in such cases… we are in for some pretty amazing days ahead as more and more comes to up to be seen and worked through do your best not to judge the process of yourself or others and instead love yourself through the process and others.”

❤ ::hugs::

To read more from Jason go to http://www.jasondestes.com/


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